How It Works

Our Hockey Pool Fundraiser program runs online from our web site with any web browser you choose to use. There is nothing to load onto your computer. We do not gather any financial information. It is safe, secure, and very user friendly.

So, let's assume you manage a minor league rep soccer team that is using the Hockey Pool Fundraiser program to raise funds to support your team.
Team players (and perhaps team staff) will be responsible for selling Hockey Pool tickets to friends, family, whomever. Each ticket contains a set of randomly generated, pre-printed, and unique clock times, eg. 02:34, 09:01, 14:59, 19:10.
No two tickets will have a duplicate clock time and ALL clock times are accounted for in the set of tickets.
As the pool manager, you will base your pool on the game results of any professional or local hockey team throughout the season, eg. Toronto Maple Leafs’ Saturday Night Games for instance.

For each game the Toronto Maple Leafs play, you will gather the results from a consistant source such as or a local newpaper. That source will also be printed on the tickets so the ticket holders know where to check for official results. You will enter into the system the four game result clock times, independant of the team or the period:

The system will then automatically determine the winning tickets by matching any of the clock times on the tickets with any of the game result clock times, and allow you to display a report with all the details of the four prizes.
The detail will include:

That same information will also automatically be sent via email to notify the winners. You can then copy and paste the details to print on envelopes and stuff each with the printed prize amount (from the proceeds you collected) and distribute the envelopes to the winners. Optionally, you can eTransfer the money to the winners.

(Note: eTransfer is not a function of this website as we are not involved in the collection or distribution of funds. This field just notes the ticket holder's preference of payment. eTransfers could be performed through the organzations or managers bank account if you choose to offer that as an option to the ticket holders.)

The ticket holders continue to be eligible to win these cash prizes for every game throughout the season, adding to the excitement of watching their favourite team in action!

You can pre-determine how much money your team can raise by selecting the following parameters and using our Calculator function to determine the profitability, all before finalizing your hockey pool.

Working with the parameters, you control the number of tickets your team needs to sell and the amount your team will profit. You can play “what-if” on the Ticket Calculator page until you are satisfied with the settings, then proceed to generate and print the tickets to your printer using regular paper with 5 tickets per page to be cut out and stapled into bundles for selling. Space is provided on a stub area for the player (seller) to enter contact information of the ticket purchaser.

Here's one example of defining your pool:

There are 20 minutes in a hockey game regulation period (overtime periods are not supported). That equates to 20 minutes x 60 seconds per minute = 1200 possible unique clock times for goals and penalties.
In a regular Toronto Maple Leafs NHL season there are approximately 22 Saturday night games. We'll use that as a pool parameter.
If we select 4 clock times per ticket, there will be 1200 / 4 = 300 tickets to be sold.
If your fundraising organization (eg. Your minor league soccer team) has 15 members, each player is responsible for selling 300 / 15 = 20 tickets.
If we price the tickets at $20 each, the revenue is 300 tickets x $20 per ticket = $6000.

If we set the payouts as follows:
First Goal = $25
Last Goal = $15
First Penalty = $15
Last Penalty = $10, then total payout per game is a maximum of $65.

Total payout for the season is 22 Saturday Night Games x $65 per game = $1,430.
Therefore the total profit for our hockey team is $6,000 – $1,430 = $4,570

We have the options to:

That's all that is required to define the hockey pool. Click on "Steps To Take" for what's required to set up and manage your hockey pool.

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