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Many many years ago, I was coaching my son's minor rep hockey team. As with all rep teams, it was imperative to raise money to support the team for league dues, ice time, instruction, equipment, etc. Someone told me about a hockey pool fundraiser which sounded like a good idea. I quickly realized this idea could be computerized to save ongoing effort managing the pool. I wrote an application in MS Access with a little Visual Basic and it worked well for us. I realized others could benefit from this program so I opened a web site and began to sell it. It was a self contained software package which I shipped to the users who loaded it onto their PC's and ran it from there. I had a very small following for the upcoming years as my marketing efforts were weak. Jump ahead 25 years, I was looking for a 2nd business to compliment my current consulting career and my son suggested I resurect the Hockey Pool Fundraiser program, which was an excellent idea. I did some research and decided to code this online web application in Python under the Django framework. Three months later, after graduating from a Python Django full stack web development online course, I developed this program with much help from Benj, my Python/Django help forum mentor.

I am initially providing this application for free as I'm sure you will become hooked. Down the road I will begin to charge a nominal fee, a small fraction of the thousands this program will raise for your organization, to help support the investment, ongoing maintenance, and customer support for this web site.

Thanks for your support!

Howard Freedman - support@hockeypoolfundraiser.com

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